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Crane Rentals, Warehouse and Logistics

Thackray Technology

Technology That Goes the Extra Mile!

Thackray has always been known to provide the best crane rentals and construction support equipment. Thackray’s computerized all terrain mobile cranes lead the pack in helping to maintain safe operations.

But did you know that Thackray also invests in developing our own computerized technologies to improve workflows that also support our customers?

Learn more about Thackray Technology

Thackray’s systems and technologies include a custom fleet management system designed, tailored and integrated specifically for Thackray’s unique range of crane rental, warehouse, trucking and logistics services. This unique database and software helps us track everything from equipment inventories and maintenance records to warehouse customer receipts and shipments.

Our Estimators and Dispatchers are also proficient in the use of crane lift planning software such as 3d Lift Plan and other computer technologies to help us safely streamline each jobs unique plan and workflow.

Even our team of field operators and supervisors use the latest in wireless technologies so they can be instantly reached.  And while working in the field, our crane operators and tractor trailer drivers are equipped with specialized wireless technologies that enable them to electronically procure and print faxed travel permits. This adds up to saving valuable field time that others might waste while waiting for the hard copy paperwork and permits to arrive at the job site.

If your looking for an edge, you can trust Thackray Technology for the latest in technology to support your custom crane lift, warehouse, trucking and construction support project.  Call us to learn more about how Thackray Technologies can give your project an advantage!

  • Computerized Fleet Management
  • 3d-Lift Planning Software
  • Warehouse Inventory Systems
  • Full Premise Security Systems
  • Computerized Crane Controls
  • Wireless Return Trip Permits

You can count on Thackray’s technology to give your projects the technical lift you expect.