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Airbus A320 Lift

Airbus A320 Lift

Jetliner Lift

Project: US Air Jetliner Lift
Location: PHL Airport, Philadelphia, PA
Equipment: Liebherr All Terrain Crane

Thackray uses a tandem crane setup to lift a stranded jetliner off the tarmac after the US Airways Jetliner’s nose gear failed on takeoff.

Project Overview

A US Airway Airbus A320 jetliner carrying 149 passengers and 5 crew members aborted its takeoff after it’s nose gear tire blew out. All passengers escaped with no serious injuries.

On a cold day in March 2014, around 6 PM, a fueled US Air jetliner, leaving from Philadelphia International Airport en route to Ft. Lauderdale Florida, momentarily lifted off the runway and then aborted its takeoff, coming to rest on its nose cone.

The pilot apparently made a controlled landing because the front nose cone tire blow out during takeoff. The passengers evacuated and emergency teams from the Philadelphia Fire Department responded. The Philadelphia International Airport instantly went to Alert 1, meaning no takeoffs or landings.

Once things were under control, investigators realized the damaged jetliner could not be rolled back to a hanger. So they called in Thackray Crane Rental. Within minutes, Thackray Crane mobilized a team of skilled crane operators and support personnel. Every crane lift job is unique but this one was far from routine. The crane crews were briefed. Permits were expedited by Thackray’s dispatch team and equipment was staged in Thackray Crane Rental’s Philadelphia yard.

Working together and coordinating with with a special team of rigging partners, Thackray Crane Rental deployed two of their larges cranes to perform a tandem crane lift of the Aircraft, using safe work practices for lifting such a large aircraft. Additional special equipment was brought in and utilized in this delicate, critical crane lift.

Complicating the work was cold weather, and work was to be performed in the dark of night. Access was limited to the tarmac, and news crews standing in the distance outside the airport borders looked on.

The jetliner lift had to be carefully planned and executed. Investigators wanted everything intact so they could figure out exactly what had happened. Thackray Crane worked tirelessly through the night to set up their powerful cranes and use the heavy duty crane equipment to lift the plane so it could be placed on moving equipment and rolled back in the hanger.

Thackray is delighted that there were no serious injuries in this incident. Despite the challenges the entire Thackray Crane family of employees, dispatchers, and owners were available to do whatever was necessary to safety accomplish this critical crane lift.