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Fabrication Facilities

Fabrication Facilities

Thackray maintains climate controlled work space for sub-assembly and component fabrication. This enables your equipment to be shipped in smaller components and have the final assembly performed closer to the work site. This can save the additional time and expense typically associated with long-distance shipping of over-sized loads and the inconvenience, delays and extra costs for final construction at the job site.

Our fabrication facilities are an affordable and convenient alternative to performing your fabrication and assembly work before sending parts to the job site. Materials, tools, equipment and your finished can be safely stored inside our warehouse and offer a more secure location and easier access than storing items at a construction or job site.

For additional security, fenced in areas are available where expensive tools and equipment can remain until needed. When your ready, transporting and installing your large finished goods is easier. Further, Thackray can supply you with equipment including heavy lift cranes, telehandlers, forklifts and flatbed trailers along with professional operators to save you even more time and expense.

Our customers choose Thackray Fabrication Facilities for:

  • HVAC Duct Work and Equipment Assembly
  • Large Window Glass Storage and Assembly
  • Steel Beam Assemblies
  • Genset and Transformer Components
  • Other Equipment Requiring Assembly Space

For your next project, why not try Thackray’s Fabrication Facilities and experience for yourself the Thackray Edge!