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Helicopter Lift – 1835 Market St.

Helicopter Lift – 1835 Market St.

Helicopter Lift

Formerly known as Eleven Penn Center, this 29-story building is located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia on Market Street. The building is a 29 story high-rise that was in need of having its rooftop HVAC cooling towers replaced.

Critical Lift: Yes
Equipment: Super Puma Heavy Lift Helicopter

Project Overview

Summary: The Thackray Crane Rental family was hired to manage and coordinate the multiple custom critical lifts necessary to remove and replace the original HVAC Cooling Towers located on top of the building’s roof. Each cooling tower weighed thousands of pounds. The specialists at Thackray determined the most appropriate course was to utilize a specially designed Super Puma heavy lift helicopter.

Planning: Even before the actual helicopter lift work day, Thackray’s project planners and dispatchers worked to coordinate with the City of Philadelphia and began the plans to contract with the Philadelphia Police Department to handle the logistics for a large scale multiple city block and office building shutdown. On the day of the project, a small army of Philadelphia Police officers would systematically close down all vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the work zone and direct anyone trying to enter the area to a predesignated alternate safe pathway.

Activity: Over a weekend Thackray Crane took on the complex workload for the material handling, temporary storage and synchronized heavy-haul oversize transport of the new cooling towers to the work site. Thackray’s skilled workforce of drivers and operators met up at Thackray Crane’s huge warehouse and from there, drove the convoy of tractors and loaded oversize trailers to the job site. Escorted by Philadelphia Police Traffic enforcement officers and vehicles, new equipment was pulled by heavy-haul tractors as the drivers meticulously navigated through several of the narrow streets in Center City Philadelphia in order to get to the work site. On their early morning arrival before sunrise, Thackray’s project manager began coordination with Philadelphia Police and then started working with other onsite contractors and the helicopter ground crew to provide the final site planning, job walk-through and a planning and logistics review.

Helicopter: To meet the challenge of quickly performing multiple equipment lifts nearly 500 feet above a traditionally busy intersection and in close proximity to other skyscrapers, the Thackray Crane Rental team utilized a Super Puma heavy lift helicopter along with specially trained and experienced flight and ground crews. Coordinating by radio in real time, work started early in the morning when temperatures were below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Throughout the day, using specialized equipment, the Thackray Crane Rental team worked with the helicopter crews to safely lower the outdated HVAC equipment and to lift new HVAC cooling towers into place.

Success: Thackray Crane Rental and their HVAC Contractor customer met the challenges of working together with others in an urban area, cold weather, between surrounding skyscrapers and with close equipment placement clearances. Plans were made, streets were closed, and safety precautions was taken. Most laymen might see this type of custom critical crane or lift using a Super Puma helicopter as challenging. But for the Thackray Crane Rental family and its skilled team of engineers, operators, client contractor, business partners and the Philadelphia Police department, it was a demonstration of how Thackray Crane Rental can bring together so many “brothers” throughout the famous Philadelphia city to work together as a synchronized, coordinated team to complete the otherwise impossible mission!