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Crane Rentals, Warehouse and Logistics

Parx Casino And Racing

Parx Casino And Racing

Horse At Water Statue Lift

Safely performing any crane lift means no horsing around… except at Parx Racing and Casino! Check out the photos from the job site. You will get an up close look at what it takes to plan, lift and install a delicate, one-of-a-kind horse statue.

Thackray Logistics takes care of all the details. To complete this custom crane lift project, the huge “Horse at Water” statue is first transported via ship from overseas and then the over-sized load is trucked to the Parx Racing and Casino job site.

Project Overview

Thackray’s Logistics team coordinates the details. On the day of arrival, the “Horse At Water” statue is “harnessed” up by Thackray’s rigging partners. Next, using a Thackray Crane Rental rough terrain mobile hydraulic crane, the statue is ever-so carefully lifted from a specially equipped air-ride suspension system tractor trailer. The crane is controlled by a Thackray Crane operator. The crew use eagle-like eyesight to lower the heavy statue into a precise position that has less than a quarter-inch (that’s 1/4 inch!) of positioning room, getting everything right on the first try. Incredible!