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Safety Meeting

On Wednesday, June 24, 2015, over 75 Thackray Crane Rental employees and affiliate guests attended the company’s 8th annual safety meeting at a new location, the FOP Lodge #5 in Northeast Philadelphia. As demonstrated throughout the years, the high attendance number reflects our employees’ dedication to become better informed of the latest developments in industry safety.

At the registration table, guests were welcomed by Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders, Malia and Mandi, who gladly posed for pictures and signed autographs. The evening began with a catered dinner and social hour, continuing with several presentations. Operations Safety Director Mark W. Thackray introduced all of the guest speakers, who elaborated on the following topics:

• Kevin Stewart, Safety Director at Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, who discussed the significance of cargo securement.

• Glenn Schade, Salesman at Columbus McKinnon, who remarked about and displayed cargo and rigging hardware.

• Chris Winchester, Exercise Physiologist at Aria Health, who recommended stretching positions for preventative health management.

• Deane Smith, Founder of Safety at South Jersey Safety, who summarized the OSHA Crane Standard Directive for this year.

• Philadelphia Police Sargeant Phil Devlin, from the Truck Enforcement Division, who reminded attendees to be mindful of the latest transportation regulations, especially within the City of Philadelphia limits.

Thackray emphasized the company’s improvement in safety statistics in the last year, which reinforces the cooperation and communication between employees and the safety team. Employees were advised to always get signatures on job tickets, since this agreement protects both the employee and Thackray Crane Rental where it transfers risk. Thackray also offered strategies to avoid rigging beam failures, as he stated the importance of using proper rigging and applications. Ladder basics, specifically using an A-frame ladder, were also reviewed. The proper way to use a back out hammer was shown, so as to avoid accidental misuse and harm. And, as a strong proponent of team work, Thackray noted that employees should always be willing to lend a helping hand to one another, whether this includes assisting with jib assembly, mounting a ladder, or offering good direction when receiving help. In conclusion, he asked employees to be mindful of driving safely on rural roads that are not constructed to withstand the weight of heavy equipment, which could potentially overturn.

In appreciation of employee dedication to safety, the company awarded door prizes, including Philadelphia Eagles game tickets, an outdoor fire pit, and several food and beverage prizes. Several employees, who go above and beyond safety expectations, received accolades. These employees included: Jerry Brison, Ray Capati, Tim Guinter, Nick Micenec, Dominic Vecchione, and Walter Quinn, who all managed to handle special safety circumstances through the year. Frank Bailey was acknowledged for winning the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA)’s signal person photo contest this past January.

The Thackray family maintains that employee safety is a top priority and it should never be compromised. The company appreciates all of the employees who share our value of safety and in turn, who demonstrate best practices for the greater good. This mutual respect for safety has certainly contributed to the success of our team, and will continue to do so.