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Thackray Crane Rental Insists On Safety First!

Safety is our first priority. Proof of our commitment is a company policy that mandates a strict training regimen.  Training begins for each employee when they are hired and continues for the duration of employment. In every instance at every location Thackray safety concerns override all other considerations.

Full-Time Risk Management

Resources allocated to safety training are managed by our full-time Risk Management Director, along with a safety committee certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor.

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Toolbox Talks

Thackray’s policy is to continually strive for excellence in safety. “Toolbox Talks” are conducted by Thackray’s Risk Management Director and company supervisors. In addition, Thackray Crane Rental has quarterly safety talks and annual safety meetings that include our crane operators, mechanics and other employees.

NCCCO Certifications

Further contributing to safety is requiring that all Thackray crane operators are certified by the NCCCO, the National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators, and each operator is required continually update their training to maintain this important certification.

Thackray Crane Drivers & Operators

We are dedicated to achieving productivity without accident or injury, and to help ensure this goal, we employ only the industry’s best.  Our crane operators are fully certified and continually updated on the latest regulations and safety procedures mandated by the Federal Motor Safety Administration, or FMCSA regulations.   Backed by considerable knowledge, experience, training and skill… they are ready and look forward to serving your needs,

Mechanic & Warehouse Safety

Thackray’s mechanics and warehouse personnel are are also trained in safe work habits. In fact, all employees are required to complete extensive OSHA training courses administered by Thackray’s Risk Management Department.

Supervisor Training

Thackray’s Estimators and Supervisors receive additional training in job hazard analysis. This additional training arms them with the ability, while estimating a job, to determine what hazards are present and how to eliminate them. It also helps our estimators determine the full scope of the job, including the requirements for contractor Site Specific Training (SSP).

Substance Abuse Prevention

Finally, every Thackray Crane employee is subject to pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing required by Title 49 CFR Part 382 inclusive. Thackray has zero tolerance for substance and alcohol abuse.

Ultimately, Thackray incorporates meticulous attention to detail to help ensure that all our work will proceed smoothly and safely.

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Thackray’s Safety Policies

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