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Crane Rentals, Warehouse and Logistics

Logistics Support

Logistics Support

For Logistics, Think Thackray

Thackray’s Logistics Team provides you with a dedicated single point of contact backed by an in-the-know team to provide planning and logistics support. Our experienced Logistics Team takes care of the details like traffic permits, routing, street closures, job site planning and much more… all while exercising the utmost care and commitment for safety and OSHA standards.

Thackray Logistics Smooths The Way... Read more.

Thackray Logistics services include everything you need to smooth the way for a successful crane lift and installation.

  • Warehouse & Outdoor Storage for staging so contractors can manage irregular shipment schedules
  • All-weather enclosed fabrication space for expediting sub-assembly and prep-work
  • Dispatch – Quick response scheduling and coordination
  • Routing – Navigation plans based on knowledge and experience of the best routes
  • Permits – Application and acquisition of traffic permits
  • Documentation and Transport Permit procurement
  • Traffic Control – Coordination of street closures and traffic control with local authorities
  • Pilot Vehicle Services – Leading and trailing vehicles to maintain safe driving distances
  • Trucking & Transport – A full range of trucks and specialty trailers to handle any load
  • Drivers and Personnel – Skilled, safety conscious personnel
  • Oversize Freight Services including cross country transport
  • Synchronized Delivery – Job site delivery that avoids congestion and delays
  • 3d Crane Lift Plans for installations in the most confined quarters

Thackray’s Logistics team can arrange and coordinate other subcontractors including rigging, installation, electrical work and just about any other ancillary labor or materials that might be needed. We maintain outstanding relations with local unions and their representatives, local, state and federal authorities, and OSHA, further helping to assure a successful project.

The Thackray Edge

The Thackray Edge comes from the pride of a family-run business with a track record of hands-on management by the owners and experienced, safety-conscious team members — for more than 60 years! So for your next project, count on Thackray Logistics for coordinating and managing your time-sensitive crane lift job.