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Crane Rentals, Warehouse and Logistics

Trucking Company

trucking company njThackray Transportation means you have access to our fleet of powerful heavy and lowboy trailers.  Our vehicles are operated by drivers experienced with heavy, bulky and over-sized loads.  Tight urban environments and challenging construction sites are familiar territory.  Customers seeking a reputable trucking company in NJ, PA, DE or MD can rely on Thackray to deliver.

  • Heavy Industrial Transportation Services: Thackray owns and operates one of the most experienced comprehensive industrial transportation companies in our region.  If you’re looking for a trucking company in NJ, PA, DE or MD, we have high capacity lift capabilities, oversize load transport equipment including extendable trailers and an experienced team of certified drivers who understand the special handling oversize loads require.  Thackray’s heavy industrial transportation services are used by petrochemical, energy, manufacturing, communications and other heavy machinery industrial companies.
  • Routing & Permitting Services: Over-sized loads require a thorough knowledge of bridge and overpass clearance requirements, weigh restrictions and governmental regulations.  Since we are a prominent trucking company in the NJ, PA, DE and MD area, our familiarity with the region is key.  Our seasoned judgment to be able to confidently navigation the area has been gained from years of experience with the Delaware Valley regional transportation network.
  • Dispatch & Pilot Vehicle Service: As your job delivery time approaches, Thackray’s Routing and Permits section plots a course, schedules a time and arranges for proper pilot vehicles.  Once your load is underway, our dispatchers make sure that deliveries are synchronized and that any unforeseen problems are immediately addressed.

WE OFFER FULL SERVICE crane rental and construction support in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and the surrounding regions.  Rentals are available in advance but we are also proud to offer emergency construction support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Thackray Crane Rental also functions as a full service trucking company with an extensive line of heavy and lowboy trailers to move oversize loads.  Additional services include warehouse and storage, fabrication facilities, logistics and rigging in the Philadelphia, PA, NJ, DE and MD area.  If you’re in search of other equipment, like forklifts or a lull rental give us a call today!