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Crane Rentals, Warehouse and Logistics

About Thackray Crane

For over 60 years and for three family generations we have expertly maintained, rented and operated an ever improving fleet of heavy haul tractors, trailers, Wanamaker Building Crane Liftforklifts, cherry pickers, Lulls, boom trucks and super high capacity mobile hydraulic cranes.

As the region’s only continuously family owned and operated crane rental company serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and neighboring regions, we help some of the most recognized names in the area and lift some of the heaviest equipment onto the tallest buildings.

The Thackray Crane Rental Story

Quietly tucked away on Byberry Rd. in Northeast Philadelphia is the headquarters of Thackray Crane Rental, the region’s only continuously family-owned and operated crane rental company.

Since 1947, Thackray Crane Rental’s tractors, trailers, pneumatic forklifts and all-terrain cranes have moved items as diverse as rooftop HVAC systems and unwieldy movie set pieces to Carnival Cruise’s largest-ever piñata and construction materials for the popular TV show, Extreme Home Makeover, across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and our neighboring regions.
Behind the impressive array of equipment is the proud history of founders Walter and Anna Cassalia Thackray, whose early values of commitment, integrity and family team established high standards for the company by insisting that honesty and integrity be at the root of all relationships for both business and family.

Family Managed For 3 Generations

Walter’s and Anna’s vision continues to fuel today’s quality service and stellar service and performance. The company motto, Faith, Family & Country, guides the Thackray family management committee – comprised of 5 Thackray siblings – as they oversee Thackray’s day-to-day operations with a can-do spirit evident across all departments.

The siblings are modest about their education, business acumen and technical experience, but once you meet them, you can tell each contributes a complementary expertise to the Thackray Crane Rental business and its operations. Further evidence of this is their mentoring and coaching of employees, office staff and their
respect and appreciation for the work the mechanics, dispatchers, supervisors, field crews and support staff perform dozens of times each day. With this kind of high care and personal attention to details, it’s not uncommon to occasionally find one or more siblings alongside office staff and mechanics or operators assisting with the hands-on work.


Thackray Crane Rental’s founders, Walter and Anna would be more than proud to observe 2nd and 3rd generation Thackray family members working side-by-side with project managers, dispatchers, supervisors, operators, oilers, back office technology and support staff…every Thackray team member is treated like family, and all working in harmony to fulfill Walter’s and Anna’s vision to serve each customer with the highest integrity.