Camp Out For Hunger

The staff at Thackray Crane Rental have helped to make this year’s Camp Out For Hunger a wonderful success. The volunteers at the reception site at XFinity! Live located at 1100 Pattison Avenue, were delighted to see a Thackray Crane arrive with over 800 pounds of donations along with a Thackray crew to help unload the food.

Many people at Thackray Crane Rental worked on this, including team members in Thackray’s Maintenance Shop, Dispatch, Safety, Marketing and Administration.

On behalf of the Preston and Steve Show, WMMR radio, and other sponsors of the Camp Out For Hunger food drive, a thanks was provided by WMMR’s site coordinator to everyone at Thackray for participating, along with another thank you to the Thackray management for providing the necessary equipment and resources to safely deliver the basket full of food from Thackray Crane Rental to the South Philadelphia location.

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