Celebrating Father’s Day with Thackray Crane

On this special day, we at Thackray Crane extend our heartfelt wishes to all the incredible fathers out there. Father’s Day is a time to honor and appreciate the unwavering dedication, love, and guidance that fathers provide. It’s a day to recognize the profound impact they have on their children’s lives, shaping their futures with wisdom and strength. Today, we celebrate you, the fathers who inspire, support, and nurture, making a lasting difference in the world.

At Thackray Crane, Father’s Day holds a special significance as we reflect on the remarkable legacy of our founder, Walter John Thackray Sr. Not only do we celebrate Father’s Day, but we also honor Walter Sr. on his birthday, which falls on June 20th. As the patriarch of the Thackray family, Walter Sr. laid the foundation for a legacy that has spanned generations. His vision, hard work, and commitment to excellence have been passed down through his 6 children, 14 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. Each generation continues to uphold the values and principles that Walter Sr. instilled, ensuring that the Thackray legacy remains strong and vibrant.

Walter Sr.’s dual celebration of Father’s Day and his birthday serves as a poignant reminder of his lasting impact on both his family and the industry. Today, as we honor fathers everywhere, we pay special tribute to Walter John Thackray Sr., whose legacy of family and industry leadership continues to inspire us all. Happy Father’s Day and Happy Birthday, Walter Sr.! Your spirit and dedication live on in the hearts of your loved ones and the success of Thackray Crane.

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