Thackray Crane Rental: Proud Sponsor of the Gold MASC Foundation Safety Scholarship

As a longstanding member of the Mid Atlantic Safety Council (MASC), Thackray Crane Rental is honored to have sponsored the prestigious Gold MASC Foundation Safety Scholarship. This scholarship was presented at the recent MASC Professional of the Year & Scholarship Luncheon on April 12th, reinforcing Thackray’s commitment to safety and education within the industry.

The MASC plays a crucial role in promoting safety best practices and supporting the next generation of safety professionals. Thackray Crane Rental was recognized as the exclusive sponsor of the MASC Foundation Safety Scholarship Award, underscoring the company’s dedication to this important cause. In addition, Thackray was further distinguished by being chosen to present the prestigious Safety Professional of the Year award.

Through this scholarship program, deserving students from Stockton University, Millersville University, and Iron Workers L.U. 401 were awarded financial assistance to further their safety-focused education. Thackray Crane Rental is proud to support these future leaders and the important work of the Kids Chance of PA organization.

As a leader in the crane rental industry, Thackray Crane Rental’s sponsorship of the MASC Foundation Safety Scholarship demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to safety, education, and the continued advancement of the construction and industrial sectors. This partnership is a testament to Thackray’s values and its role as a trusted, safety-conscious provider of crane rental services.

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