Thackray Crane – NCCCO Certified Crane Operators

In the construction industry, the need for the right equipment and the right operators is always a top priority. Thackray Crane not only offers the best fleet of cranes to rent for your project, but we also staff the area’s best, NCCCO and OSHA certified crane operators. At Thackray Crane, we’re not just a piece of the puzzle . . . we’re part of your team and we’re here to help you succeed with all the challenges that any construction project can bring.

We have certified crane operators for every type of crane your project may need, including mobile cranes, boom trucks, tower cranes, crawler cranes, telehandlers, and more. We even have certified operators and drivers for tractors and trailers if your project needs large transportation.

While some companies deliver equipment, Thackray delivers heavy duty equipment with a certified operator that best meets your project needs.

  • Our crane operators are licensed and nationally certified.
  • All crane operators have the proper credentials required by OSHA and ASME regulations.
  • Every operator understands and excels at crane set-up, load dynamics, lift planning, load charts, rigging and signaling.
  • Thackray Crane operators follow all the latest and safest operating procedures.
  • Our crane operators have thousands of documented hours of safe operation on countless construction jobs.
  • To ensure safety, we have the areas strictest training regimen in place for all our employees.
  • All of our cranes are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure you get the best equipment and our operators are handling the safest possible equipment for the job.

If you’re looking for the right partner to help complete your next heavy lift or construction project, Thackray Crane has the equipment and resources you need.  Give us a call today at 844-99-CRANE or complete this quick contact form with job details.  One of our reps will be in touch shortly to review the job specs, recommend the right equipment, and get you the quote you’re looking for.


Thackray Crane – Safety Comes First!

There’s nothing more important than the safety of our employees and our customers. We ensure this by consistently training our certified crane operators, drivers and employees and implementing a company policy with safety regimes and seminars.

Special thanks to our friends from Crosby who demonstrated an on site seminar for our employees this week. The “lunch and learn” is just another example of our commitment to safety and training.

When renting through Thackray Crane Rental, you can rest assured that your construction project will be completed safely without a glitch. For any job, we take safety seriously, and you can rely on Thackray Crane Rental to provide the best service for your satisfaction!


Thackray is an ACT100 North American Crane Company

Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. proudly announces it has been recognized by American Cranes & Transport (ACT) as an ACT100 North American crane company. ACT, a subsidiary of KHL Group, is revered as a leading authority on construction industry information in the world, and annually indexes only the top 100 crane rental companies in North America.

Thackray is proud of this recognition and attributes its success from a philosophy set forth by the co-founders, Walter and Anna Thackray, who conducted honest and fair dealings along with an undeniable hard work ethic. Five Thackray siblings who currently own and manage company operations, maintain this proud heritage built over 70 years and three family generations. The owners believe this helps set them apart from the other non-family owned and operated crane rental companies, both nationally and in the tri-state region served by Thackray.

The Thackray legacy began in 1947 with a single TL20 Lorraine crane. Today, the company employs over 130 dedicated employees and owns and operates over 100 cranes and maintains a fleet of construction rental equipment including heavy haul tractors, oversize tractor trailers, forklifts, Lulls, boom trucks, telehandlers, all terrain cranes and other super capacity mobile hydraulic cranes, including one of the largest Liebherr cranes with the ability to lift over 500 tons. Thackray Crane supports their customers with a full range of services including commercial equipment rentals, trucking and transportation services, warehouse and outdoor storage space, fabrication facilities, full-service project logistics, and more.

Discover the Thackray difference today. For your construction project needs, call us at 1-800-34-CRANE or email [email protected].


Steve Stunder Appointed New CEO of Thackray Crane Rental, Inc.

Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. welcomes industry executive Mr. Steve Stunder as company CEO, effective May 2019.

Thackray is fortunate to team with Mr. Stunder, who has an extensive, diversified background within the crane industry. “Our company looks forward to working with Mr. Stunder as Thackray Crane Rental continues to grow and thrive as the region’s leading crane rental provider, continuously owned and operated by the Thackray family since 1947,” said Carole Thackray Tadley, company owner.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA Thackray provides crane rentals, operators, warehouse and storage facilities, heavy industrial trucking services, and comprehensive logistics support to our valued customers in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware area.

For over 70 years, customers have entrusted the multi-generational Thackray team as we’ve expanded our portfolio of services to include crane transport, storage, operators, and crane rentals in Philadelphia, meeting the needs of our clients in many commercial industries, including but not limited to construction, heating and air conditioning, power generation, petrochemical, communications, road construction, and bridge building project support. Crane rentals and operators in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are available in advance but we are proud to offer emergency construction support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Why Trust Thackray for Your Next Oversized Transport?

For over seven decades and three family generations, Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. has continued to be one of the most reputable crane rental companies in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and the surrounding regions. However, did you know that Thackray also offers transportation and hauling services as well? Read on for why you should trust us for your next oversized transport!

  • Our fleet of specialized equipment can handle all of your heavy hauling needs.
    Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. is one of the most experienced heavy industrial transportation companies in the region. We have a large fleet of powerful tractors and trailers designed to handle the transportation of oversized loads. We use vehicles from Ford, GM, Kenworth, Mack and Peterbilt, as well as lowboy, low ground clearance double drops and extendable trailers capable of moving nearly any size load. Lastly, the petrochemical, energy, manufacturing, communications, and heavy machinery industrial companies typically rely on us for their heavy loads.
  • We’re familiar with the region and beyond.
    Oversized loads require knowledge of bridge and overpass clearance requirements, weight restrictions, and governmental regulations. Familiarity with the region is also crucial to having a successful transport. Tight city streets and chaotic construction sites are no challenge for our seasoned drivers.
  • We only hire seasoned drivers and dispatchers.
    Our vehicles are operated by drivers experienced with heavy, and sometimes challenging oversized loads. Our team creates a course, schedules the time, and arranges for proper pilot vehicles. Our dispatchers are ready to ensure all deliveries are synchronized and that any unforeseen challenges are immediately addressed. Our experienced team of certified drivers also understands the special handling oversized loads require.

Transportation and Hauling Services You Can Depend On

By choosing Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. for your hauling and transportation needs, this means you will have access to our fleet of powerful heavy-duty trucks and tractors, flatbeds, and lowboy trailers. In addition to equipment, we provide operators and drivers who have extensive training and experience in transporting oversized loads. We are also willing to accommodate a range of diverse needs for each and every customer.

Contact us today!

To learn more about our transportation and hauling services or our crane rentals available in Jersey and the surrounding states, just browse our site or call us at 844-99-CRANE.


Choosing the Right Crane for the Job

Put plainly, businesses rent cranes to move and lift up to hundreds of tons of materials. However, no two projects are exactly quite the same. Because of this, different cranes suit different purposes. To get the job done right, the appropriate piece of equipment must be chosen for the task at hand. This decision hinges on proprietary industry knowledge and experience and having served our customers since 1947, Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. prides itself as the premier provider of crane rentals in the tri-state area.

Over the past several decades, we have developed a strong reputation for reliable crane rental services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. With our construction support services—such as equipment rentals, trucking and transportation, warehouse and storage, and project logistics customers regularly complete their projects both safely and efficiently.

Do you need a crane for your next project? Depending on the nature of the job, we could outfit you with one or more of the following cranes, among others.

Crawler Cranes

These cranes have the ability to move under their own power, allowing them to transport heavy loads around construction sites. This capability, combined with lift capacities that range from 50 to 440 tons, makes them suitable for many different projects.

Boom Trucks

Boom trucks offer even more mobility at the cost of lower lift capacity (about 8-28 tons). Their multifunctional truck beds allow you to easily transport materials and supplies between sites. To add to their versatility, they can even come with an attached man basket, allowing personnel to install and remove signs, maintain cell phone towers, or perform a variety of other essential functions in hard-to-reach places.

All-Terrain Cranes

With lift capacities up to 500 tons and the ability to traverse rough surfaces, all-terrain cranes give contractors a powerful and highly maneuverable crane rental option. These heavy-duty machines include features like retractable and extendable counterweight positions, hydraulically-operated winches, and a maximum hook height of 425 feet.

These cranes serve as just a few examples of diverse selection of equipment. For more information about our crane rentals, browse our website here. To learn more about our company and our construction support services or to hire a certified crane operator in the Philadelphia area and beyond, call us at 1-844-99-CRANE today!


Planning Out Your Construction Rentals and Logistics with the Professionals

If you’re in the construction industry, you can rely on Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. for far more than the industry’s sturdiest, and most powerful hydraulic cranes, boom trucks, tractors, and lulls.

At our family-owned company, we’re more than cranes and boom truck rentals in Philadelphia. We’re your industry leaders in logistics, warehouse storage, fabrication—any service you could want from us. It’s our extensive fleet of vehicles, tools, equipment, and skilled drivers that make us the ideal friend on your construction site or workplace.

Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. and Drivers

Though you may not think about it much, you definitely can’t underestimate the skill required to drive, maintain, and operate a heavy duty tractor, rig, or industrial crane. When you partner with us, you gain access our trained crews—capable of moving and erecting virtually everything they see.

Down to the size of their shackles, lifting beams, and synthetic slings, we can tailor our vehicles to meet your industry needs. Our array of cranes and boom trucks come fully stocked with every range and type of material handler. We’ll match the rig, and the driver to the work that you need done, utilizing all the resources and the personnel of our loyal NJ, and PA trucking company.

Logistical Coordination and Assistance

Because of our familiarity and experience with heavy duty vehicles and equipment, we can take care of transportation and logistics, all the way from our Philly headquarters, and warehouses to you and your contractors. Piloting our vehicles, savvy Thackray drivers navigate the tightest and most challenging of construction sites with ease and confidence.

Don’t worry about all the routing, bridge crossings, and road permits. Our Thackray experts see that bridges and overpasses do not affect our transportation of vehicles and equipment. Thanks to our knowledge of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey regions, we plan with obstacles in mind, arriving to you precisely when you need us.

Safe and Secure Industry-Grade Storage

Should your construction be paused or extended into the coldest months of the fall and winter, our warehouses are always at your service—securely storing your construction materials, and machines.

Our industrial-grade outdoor storage units can fit everything from reactors, HVAC chillers, glass, steel beams, and specialized medical equipment. Surveilled, and insulated, our warehouses can preserve, and protects your construction projects, all at an affordable rate.

To learn more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


Why You Should Keep Materials Inside a Climate-Controlled Storage

If you, your company, and contractors have worked on a long-term construction project, you know how problematic storing and accessing your building materials and equipment can be. Luckily for you, Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. is much more than crane and equipment rental company. Overseeing New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we bring you everything you need to successfully and smoothly complete your work both on and off-site.

Guarding and Storing Your Materials

Given how essential and expensive construction materials and equipment tend to be, it’s imperative that you know where and how they’re being stored. Here at Thackray Crane Rental, Inc., we keep our customers’ project materials in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled warehouses and storage yards. We understand that you cannot take chances; so, we ensure that everything you need is always available to you 24/7 and protected by a security team and surveillance system. Whenever you need to unload and acquire your belongings, we open our facility to you and even assist with the logistics.

The Highest Quality Customer Service

Why keep your rebars, steel beams, and transformers where they could easily be damaged or stolen? We have multiple storage yards and warehouses, strategically located in areas of PA and NJ. Our company is about more than trucking, rigging, and crane rentals—it’s about the quality of the service that we bring to our customers. As we see it, a storage service in 2017-2018 should anticipate all your needs, and we will deliver the highest possible quality service to you, our valued customer.

High Quality Warehouse Storage

When you utilize our storage warehouses, you’re given 24/7, 365 day access to some of the best industrial-grade warehouses available. Because you’re partnering with Thackray Crane Rental, Inc., you can be certain that you’ll always have assistance as you load and unload materials and heavy-duty machinery.

You can cease worrying about your rebars and concrete succumbing to the colds of winter! Inside of our climate-controlled storage units, your materials will be insulated against temperature drops, as well as any corrosive moisture in the air. Once you’re ready to bring it all back on-site, our flatbeds, lowboys, and cranes will be readily available. At Thackray Crane Rental, Inc., we think of it all!

Contact us at 1-844-99-CRANE or visit thackraycrane.com to request a storage quote today!