Let’s go, Phillies!

Pictured is our 500-ton Liebherr LTM 1400 crane installing the brand new letters for the Phillies Phanavision scoreboard, which is 77 percent larger than the former one. The new letter “P” is 27 feet tall, and the entire sign measures 80 feet wide!

Thackray Crane Rental is proud to have been hired as a trusted partner to get the job done!


Thackray Crane Rental Removes Sesame Place Rubber Ducky For Future Relocation!

Thackray Crane Rental was on-site at Sesame Place recently to safely remove the iconic giant Rubber Duckie that will be relocated to another area in the theme park.

Weighing 2000 pounds, the Rubber Duckie stands eight feet tall with its accompanying soap dish measuring 11 feet.

The structure was removed to make room for Sesame Place’s new tropical-themed playland that will open this summer, officials said.

Sesame Place will host a contest on its social media for visitors to help determine where Rubber Duckie will be relocated to.


Thackray Crane Fleet Expansion

At Thackray Crane we boast one of the largest fleets of industry-leading cranes on the east coast.  Whatever your need to rent a crane; large or small . . . Thackray Crane has the model to fit your project needs.  From a small crane job needing a boom truck all the way to jobs needing a skyscraper reaching cranes or even helicopter lifts, we have the equipment, operators, and planning logistic capabilities to tackle any project.

Recently we’ve added the brand new Liebherr LTM 1300-6.2.  This 360 ton All Terrain Crane is just one of many impressive cranes that can be rented short-term or long-term for your project.  We also have professionally trained NCCCO and OSHA-certified crane operators that will help bring your project to completion and can handle any crane operation request.

We’ve conveniently included a few of our most popular crane load charts for you to download.  Browse these and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us today and one of our representatives will assess your requirements and line you up with the crane that best suits the project.

Load Chart Quick Jump

If you’re looking for the right partner to help complete your next heavy-lift or construction project, Thackray Crane has the equipment and resources you need.  Give us a call today at 844-99-CRANE or complete this quick contact form with job details.  One of our reps will be in touch shortly to review the job specs, recommend the right equipment, and get you the quote you’re looking for.


Thackray Crane – NCCCO Certified Crane Operators

In the construction industry, the need for the right equipment and the right operators is always a top priority. Thackray Crane not only offers the best fleet of cranes to rent for your project, but we also staff the area’s best, NCCCO and OSHA certified crane operators. At Thackray Crane, we’re not just a piece of the puzzle . . . we’re part of your team and we’re here to help you succeed with all the challenges that any construction project can bring.

We have certified crane operators for every type of crane your project may need, including mobile cranes, boom trucks, tower cranes, crawler cranes, telehandlers, and more. We even have certified operators and drivers for tractors and trailers if your project needs large transportation.

While some companies deliver equipment, Thackray delivers heavy duty equipment with a certified operator that best meets your project needs.

  • Our crane operators are licensed and nationally certified.
  • All crane operators have the proper credentials required by OSHA and ASME regulations.
  • Every operator understands and excels at crane set-up, load dynamics, lift planning, load charts, rigging and signaling.
  • Thackray Crane operators follow all the latest and safest operating procedures.
  • Our crane operators have thousands of documented hours of safe operation on countless construction jobs.
  • To ensure safety, we have the areas strictest training regimen in place for all our employees.
  • All of our cranes are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure you get the best equipment and our operators are handling the safest possible equipment for the job.

If you’re looking for the right partner to help complete your next heavy lift or construction project, Thackray Crane has the equipment and resources you need.  Give us a call today at 844-99-CRANE or complete this quick contact form with job details.  One of our reps will be in touch shortly to review the job specs, recommend the right equipment, and get you the quote you’re looking for.


Project Logistics for Heavy Loads & More

For projects big and small, you can you can trust the professionals at Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. to provide your business with unmatched project logistics management and customer service. For over 70 years, contractors and various other industries have trusted Thackray’s experience for all their project needs.

What Thackray Can Offer

Eliminate the need to make multiple arrangements with numerous vendors and carriers. All project logistics are custom tailored to the individual needs of the client and the project. Our team of expert estimators can plan out every detail in advance, ensuring successful day-of-delivery logistics, less job-site congestion, and a guaranteed streamlined install. We own many sizeable outdoor storage facilities and also an indoor warehouse to store your equipment such as HVAC chillers, power generators, electrical transformers, and other heavy industrial equipment that often requires timed delivery coordination.

Our experts proudly offer a variety of project logistics such as:

  • Road Permit Acquisition
  • Oversize Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Crane Pre-lift Planning
  • Fabrication & Assembly Areas
  • Full-Service Project Management.

In addition to providing a complete line of crane rentals, Thackray Logistics offers a synchronized service that can save significant time, labor, and costs. Thackray Logistics combines everything needed for your project’s success, from planning to heavy-haul trucking and manned rentals such as lull telescopic handlers, boom trucks, and all-terrain, rough terrain, and crawler cranes.

Business owners can even request transport, rigging, rent storage, and cranes for every size project in a variety of industries including construction, HVAC, power generation, petrochemical, communications, and road construction.

Depend On The Professionals At Thackray!

Here at Thackray Crane Rental, Inc., we pride ourselves on offering full-service planning support. We are regarded as an industry-leading, one-stop shop because we assist customers with covering all bases. Thackray is the region’s only family-owned and operated trucking company that serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. We provide project logistics to some of the most recognized names in the area and lift some of the most massive equipment onto the tallest buildings.

If you’re a business owner looking to outsource logistics services for your next project, call the professionals at Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. today at 844-99-CRANE!


3 Reasons to Use Climate-Controlled Storage for Your Building Materials

As contractors, we all understand what it’s like to work on a long-term construction project. One of the most common problems we hear from construction companies is the difficulties they have when storing and accessing their building materials and other necessary equipment during these projects, especially during winter.

At Thackray Crane Rental, Inc., the premier providers of crane rentals in NJ, PA, and DE, we can help you address these problems. From our high-tech and effective storage options to our safe and secure storage yards, we can provide you and your company with everything you need to store your materials and successfully complete your job, task, or project, regardless of what it is.

With low temperatures and corrosive moisture in the air, this time of year can wreak havoc on your building materials. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons why you should choose climate-controlled storage for your project’s materials and equipment this winter season.

  1. Sophisticated Technology

At Thackray Crane Rental, Inc., we use sophisticated and state-of-the-art storage solutions for your project’s materials because we know how valuable they are to you. We don’t take any chances, which is why we feature climate-controlled warehouses, a high-tech surveillance system, and an on-site security team, all dedicated to keeping your equipment and materials safe from the elements, theft, and any other dangers.

  1. Reliable Customer Service

When it comes to keeping your rebars, transformers, steel beams, and other materials safe, Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. is the company you can depend on. We have warehousing and storage options strategically placed all over PA and NJ, with each one offering an unsurpassed level of customer service to our clients. We even offer assistance loading and unloading your materials and machinery.

  1. Industrial-Grade Protection

With solutions from Thackray Crane Rentals, Inc., you get industrial-grade protection for your materials through our heavy-duty and durable storage warehouses. Our units are insulated against extreme temperatures, safeguarded from moisture in the atmosphere, and offer protection from theft, all to give you the confidence that your crucial building materials and equipment are there when you need them.

Whether you’re looking for reliable crane rentals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware, or a climate-controlled facility to store your materials and gear, Thackray has you covered. For more information on our warehouse storage solutions, or any of our other services, call us at 1-844-99-CRANE.


Tough Jobs Made Easier With Crane Rentals

Are you beginning to plan a big construction project? Chances are, your project will involve a lot of labor, heavy lifting, rigging, possible hauling of materials and warehouse storage – a task that requires more than just manpower. You will require an impressive piece of machinery to lift all of that equipment and supplies for your project. A crane can handle all of the material and complete the project most efficiently. Construction and building professionals understand that hiring reliable contractors is important. Hiring the appropriate crane rental is just as critical!

It is more cost effective and safer to rent from a reputable company. When deciding to rent a crane, many factors should be considered, including:

  • Hiring a licensed crane operator. Thackray Crane operators are nationally certified and adhere to the safest operating procedures. Proof of our commitment to safety is a company policy that mandates a strict training regimen for all employees.
  • Crane maintenance. Thackray Crane Rental’s equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure the equipment is in perfect working condition.
  • Versatility. Thackray specializes in construction, heating and air conditioning, power generation, petrochemical, communications, road construction, bridge building, or just about any industry that requires expertise in the planning, lifting, handling and placing of equipment and materials.
  • 24/7 Availability. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether you require a bare crane rental, a manned crane with a licensed operator, a short term daily rental or long term rental, we can accommodate your needs. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week should an emergency arise.

By choosing Thackray Crane Rental, you can enjoy such advantages as:

  • A project manager who can assess your project, determine your needs, and project a timeframe and estimated costs. Our technology includes computerized fleet management, 3D lift planning software, and wireless permits.
  • An array of all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, telescoping forklifts, boom trucks, crawler cranes, carry decks, heavy duty tractors and other specialized trailers and equipment that is certified and maintained through daily inspections. Professional operators who use computerized controls always ensure safety first.
  • A talented team of operators, oilers, riggers, and haulers who can handle your project from start to finish.
  • Secured warehouse and storage facilities, should you need temporary space for your materials or equipment. Work space and logistics support are also available for sub-assembly and component fabrication, so that final assembly can be completed closer to the job site.
  • The satisfaction of hiring a company who is committed and dedicated to your service!

Call anytime to learn more about why companies should rent a crane through Thackray Crane Rental and learn about all the additional services we have to offer. You can always rely on Thackray Crane to provide the best lifting and transportation equipment for any job, big or small.


When We Say Cranes, We Mean All Kinds of Cranes

When we say we provide cranes for projects of any and every size, we mean it. That’s why we wanted to take a moment and highlight the versatile machinery we have in stock for our full-service crane rentals and construction support services. When you need a crane for your construction or industrial project, you can trust that we have the exact piece of equipment you’re looking for:

All Terrain Cranes – Mobile cranes with the flexibility to maneuver on public roads as well as on rough terrain at the job site. These vehicles are equipped with all-wheel drive and crab steering, and are designed for lifting up to 1,200 metric tons. Our fleet features cranes from Terex and Grove, and we offer one of the region’s only Liebherr 500-ton All Terrain Hydraulic Truck Cranes, which has a maximum hook height of 425 feet, extendable and retractable counterweight positions and an advanced super-lift system.

Hydraulic Lift Cranes – This piece of heavy-duty equipment uses an internal fluid-filled hydraulic system that allows it to lift heavier loads than smaller cranes. All hydraulic lift cranes have an enclosed operator’s cab on a steel base, and all of the selections in our fleet are mobile, with lift capacities varying from 30 to 80 tons.

Rough Terrain Cranes – Mobile cranes that are mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires. These vehicles are designed for off-road operations and, as their name suggest, rough terrain applications. In order to level and stabilize the crane for hoisting, outriggers extend vertically and horizontally. In addition, this type of crane features a single engine that powers both the undercarriage and the crane. Whether you need a lift capacity of 14 tons or 90, we have the selection for you.

Crawler Cranes – Mobile cranes that do not require outriggers since they have a set of tracks instead of tires that provide for stability and mobility. These machines are mounted on an undercarriage and can move around a site with little risk of getting stuck in soft ground, but they usually have to be disassembled and transported by trucks, rail cars or ships between locations. Our fleet includes models that have lift capacities ranging from 50 to 440 tons.

Carry Deck Cranes – Smaller mobile machines with 360-degree rotating booms capable of moving smaller loads over short distances in confined spaces. Our selection features manufacturers like Grove, Broderson and Terex and are capable of reaching as high as 67 feet and lifting 8 to 15 tons.

Much, Much More – At Thackray Crane Rental, Inc., we feature equipment of all sizes and types to help you get any job you need done, and done right. Our full line of industrial and construction equipment includes more than just an impressive array of cranes, we can also provide Telescopic Handlers (also known as telescoping forklifts and telehandlers), Boom Trucks, Heavy-Haul Tractor Trailers, Flatbeds and Lowboys, Double Drops, Custom Crane Attachments and Rigging Hardware throughout NJ, PA, DE, MD and the northeast.

To learn more about our short-term and long-term rentals that are available for radio dispatch 24 hours a day, our Thackray certified and experienced operators or our reliable and honest service, check through our website and view our inventory today. Once we’ve impressed you, give us a call or Request a Quote online.


Back for Another Season: Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. and the Eagles Radio Network

Everyone across the nation knows that fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are among the most passionate and loyal fans in sports. Our crew here at Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. are no exception, and as a company, we take our Eagles fandom to the next level.

For the second consecutive season in a row, we are proud to partner with SportsRadio 94WIP and the Eagles Radio Network, which helps bring every game to Eagles fans across the radio waves. At every home game throughout the season, Thackray Crane Rental Inc. represents at the 94WIP Tailgate Zone at Xfinity Live across from Lincoln Financial Field. The event commences three hours prior to kick off and includes special guest hosts WIP Midday Guys Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie, CBS 3’s Tori Woodill and Meisha Johnson and WIP’s Brian Sludge Haddad.

The fun-filled day also includes:

  • CTO Grand Central – The Official Tailgate Zone Band
  • The latest in X1 Entertainment from Xfinity
  • Prizes, coupons, team merchandise and more from ACME Markets
  • Tailgate snacks, recipes and more
  • Spin wheel, prizes, station apparel and more
  • Pictures and Autographs with WIP’s Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie in the KYW Popup Studio Photobooth

To commemorate our Eagles winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history, and Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. being Eagles Radio Network partners for the second year, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite moments from the 2017/18 championship season.

  1. Jake Elliot’s 61-Yard Game Winning Field Goal – In what seemed like an improbable, last-second attempt to beat the rival NY Giants, Jake Elliot’s 61-yard field goal became the catalyst to the Eagles miracle run during the 2017/18 season. Not only did Elliot win the Eagles the game, he now holds the record for the longest field goal in Eagles history.
  2. Wentz Throws 4 TDs vs. Best Defense – If you remember from the middle of last season, experts were saying the Denver Broncos had the best defense and could stop the blazing hot Eagles. This proved to be untrue, as Wentz threw for four touchdowns on the day and improved the Eagles winning streak to seven
  3. Underdogs at Home – No city embraces the underdog mentality more than Philadelphia. With the Eagles atop the NFC after a dominant regular season, doubt cast over the team for the playoffs with the loss of QB Carson Wentz. The strong Eagles defense wreaked havoc all night and when it mattered most, prevented the Falcons from getting in the end zone.
  4. Flea-Flickers and Foles Chants – With a ticket to the Super Bowl on the line, the Eagles certainly did not play cautiously. After falling behind 7-0, the birds would score 38 unanswered points against the Vikings. Nick Foles completed an incredible flea-flicker pass while fans in the stands replaced the Vikings “Skol” chant with “Foles.”
  5. Philly Special – What may be considered one of the greatest calls in Super Bowl history, the Philly Special was the turning point for the Eagles to win their first Lombardi Trophy. The trick play, which is now just as synonymous with Philadelphia as Rocky Balboa, saw QB Nick Foles catch a touchdown on 4th-and-goal from tight-end Trey Burton.

As the leading crane rental company serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, we are proud to have helped lift the structural steel used to fabricate the home of our beloved Philadelphia Eagles. Be sure to contact us if you need a crane rental in DE as we proudly transport equipment daily!

Thackray Crane Rental Inc. and the Philadelphia Eagles… proud to be our hometown’s teams!
For more information about the 94WIP Tailgate Zone at Xfinity, please click the following link: https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/tailgatezone/.


Planning Out Your Construction Rentals and Logistics with the Professionals

If you’re in the construction industry, you can rely on Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. for far more than the industry’s sturdiest, and most powerful hydraulic cranes, boom trucks, tractors, and lulls.

At our family-owned company, we’re more than cranes and boom truck rentals in Philadelphia. We’re your industry leaders in logistics, warehouse storage, fabrication—any service you could want from us. It’s our extensive fleet of vehicles, tools, equipment, and skilled drivers that make us the ideal friend on your construction site or workplace.

Thackray Crane Rental, Inc. and Drivers

Though you may not think about it much, you definitely can’t underestimate the skill required to drive, maintain, and operate a heavy duty tractor, rig, or industrial crane. When you partner with us, you gain access our trained crews—capable of moving and erecting virtually everything they see.

Down to the size of their shackles, lifting beams, and synthetic slings, we can tailor our vehicles to meet your industry needs. Our array of cranes and boom trucks come fully stocked with every range and type of material handler. We’ll match the rig, and the driver to the work that you need done, utilizing all the resources and the personnel of our loyal NJ, and PA trucking company.

Logistical Coordination and Assistance

Because of our familiarity and experience with heavy duty vehicles and equipment, we can take care of transportation and logistics, all the way from our Philly headquarters, and warehouses to you and your contractors. Piloting our vehicles, savvy Thackray drivers navigate the tightest and most challenging of construction sites with ease and confidence.

Don’t worry about all the routing, bridge crossings, and road permits. Our Thackray experts see that bridges and overpasses do not affect our transportation of vehicles and equipment. Thanks to our knowledge of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey regions, we plan with obstacles in mind, arriving to you precisely when you need us.

Safe and Secure Industry-Grade Storage

Should your construction be paused or extended into the coldest months of the fall and winter, our warehouses are always at your service—securely storing your construction materials, and machines.

Our industrial-grade outdoor storage units can fit everything from reactors, HVAC chillers, glass, steel beams, and specialized medical equipment. Surveilled, and insulated, our warehouses can preserve, and protects your construction projects, all at an affordable rate.

To learn more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!