When We Say Cranes, We Mean All Kinds of Cranes

When we say we provide cranes for projects of any and every size, we mean it. That’s why we wanted to take a moment and highlight the versatile machinery we have in stock for our full-service crane rentals and construction support services. When you need a crane for your construction or industrial project, you can trust that we have the exact piece of equipment you’re looking for:

All Terrain Cranes – Mobile cranes with the flexibility to maneuver on public roads as well as on rough terrain at the job site. These vehicles are equipped with all-wheel drive and crab steering, and are designed for lifting up to 1,200 metric tons. Our fleet features cranes from Terex and Grove, and we offer one of the region’s only Liebherr 500-ton All Terrain Hydraulic Truck Cranes, which has a maximum hook height of 425 feet, extendable and retractable counterweight positions and an advanced super-lift system.

Hydraulic Lift Cranes – This piece of heavy-duty equipment uses an internal fluid-filled hydraulic system that allows it to lift heavier loads than smaller cranes. All hydraulic lift cranes have an enclosed operator’s cab on a steel base, and all of the selections in our fleet are mobile, with lift capacities varying from 30 to 80 tons.

Rough Terrain Cranes – Mobile cranes that are mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires. These vehicles are designed for off-road operations and, as their name suggest, rough terrain applications. In order to level and stabilize the crane for hoisting, outriggers extend vertically and horizontally. In addition, this type of crane features a single engine that powers both the undercarriage and the crane. Whether you need a lift capacity of 14 tons or 90, we have the selection for you.

Crawler Cranes – Mobile cranes that do not require outriggers since they have a set of tracks instead of tires that provide for stability and mobility. These machines are mounted on an undercarriage and can move around a site with little risk of getting stuck in soft ground, but they usually have to be disassembled and transported by trucks, rail cars or ships between locations. Our fleet includes models that have lift capacities ranging from 50 to 440 tons.

Carry Deck Cranes – Smaller mobile machines with 360-degree rotating booms capable of moving smaller loads over short distances in confined spaces. Our selection features manufacturers like Grove, Broderson and Terex and are capable of reaching as high as 67 feet and lifting 8 to 15 tons.

Much, Much More – At Thackray Crane Rental, Inc., we feature equipment of all sizes and types to help you get any job you need done, and done right. Our full line of industrial and construction equipment includes more than just an impressive array of cranes, we can also provide Telescopic Handlers (also known as telescoping forklifts and telehandlers), Boom Trucks, Heavy-Haul Tractor Trailers, Flatbeds and Lowboys, Double Drops, Custom Crane Attachments and Rigging Hardware throughout NJ, PA, DE, MD and the northeast.

To learn more about our short-term and long-term rentals that are available for radio dispatch 24 hours a day, our Thackray certified and experienced operators or our reliable and honest service, check through our website and view our inventory today. Once we’ve impressed you, give us a call or Request a Quote online.

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